Wood Heater Installation

Did you know that only plumbers with a mechanical licence can legally install wood heaters?

PLEASE NOTE - We are based in the beautiful Macedon Ranges and only install within a 30 km radius from Romsey township.

We only install wood heaters to single storey homes, we do not install inserts to fireplaces and prefer to only install new wood heaters.

Remember to ask your wood heater supplier to check that you have the correct amount of flue lengths for installation, that your hearth is the correct size for your wood burner and that the wall set backs are what you are expecting. All wood burners have different requirements so make sure your supplier has checked all this for you before your licenced plumber comes to install your wood heater.

Wood heaters can only be installed on non-combustible surfaces such as concrete and tiles. Installation on carpet or timber flooring must be on a fire rated hearth base.

hot tips for your wood heater

The flue for your wood heater should be regularly cleaned due to ash build up which could block your flue and cause a fire hazard. The maintenance of your flue is usually taken care of by a chimney sweep.

The deck tite which covers you flue connection through to your roof can deteriorate over time causing a water leak.

The flue itself can also rust out and these items should be reviewed regularly to prevent a water leak but also to keep your wood heater operating at its best.

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