Split Systems

The current range of split system technology is inverter technology which enables the motor to adjust power levels depending on the heating or cooling needed. Older technology split system were either power full on or off. This means they used a lot more electricity than today's smarter technology. Unlike evaporative cooling your split system copes a lot better in humid or hot climates.

We use high quality Hitachi or Mitsubishi Electric split systems and we have all the required licences for installations of these systems. However, an electrician is required to wire the system back to your switch board, which we can arrange on your behalf.

Recommended electricians

Hot Tip

Many people don’t know that your split system requires regular cleaning.

They have filters in the front of the unit that collect dust and debris. So, at the start of every season give them a quick vacuum or rinse in warm soapy water (let them dry before putting them back in) to ensure your system is always working to the best of its ability.

This is also a service we can provide if you’re not comfortable doing it, just give us a call and we’ll arrange a suitable time. We’ll also do some checks of the indoor and out door unit to make sure its in top shape for the hotter months.