Rain water systems

We provide advice on new rain water tank installations, storm water adjustments and down pipe adjustments for connections to your current or new rain water tank and overflow connections from your rain water tank to your house storm water pipe work.

If possible, a gravity fed system to your rain water tank is always the best installation method however a charged system that can run underground and up into your rain water tank may be the only method available. Both are good systems. Confused?? Give me a call to discuss.

Straining and filtration systems are also available for your rain water tank to remove sediment and impurities from the water collected from your roof for household use. Ask me about the systems available.

We supply and install a range of rain water pumps for irrigation and household connections. There are many available on the market but with years of experience we know good pumps are worth their weight in gold. Take a look at Midland Irrigation and Reece for some of the pumps available.

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